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The Fall of Productivity

It’s fall! Time for cinnamon spiced apple pie, colorful country drives and football season.

While NFL and college sports mean more community, it also means less productivity. A little game called fantasy football is largely responsible. Studies show that over the course of the year, fantasy football costs companies $16.8 billion.

My fantasy draft didn't effect my company; it took place while I was camping (auto-draft for the win); but eventually, it will. It’s a risk I take every year... at a cost: productivity.

Fantasy football isn't the only reason for lower productivity. Barriers to productivity include high turnover, lack of specialized workers and inability to find the right worker at the right time according to the 2016 workforce productivity report.

It’s a problem

The Wall Street Journal reports it’s effecting the U.S. economy’s growth.

In a survey of top CEO’s in the country, 82% believed productivity is one the top indicators of financial success or failure at their company.

Persistently weak productivity weighs on living standards by restraining the economy’s ability to grow quickly and generate higher incomes.

We have to focus on productivity. What does that mean for you? For me, it’s leveraging my skills for other companies as an agent. One way you can maximize productivity is by hiring contractors.

This survey done by concluded that almost all CEO's hire contractors to supplement their full-time workforce and 72% also believe that this increase in specialized labor-on-demand is increasing their productivity.” - It’s Time To Make America Productive Again

When you think about it, it’s a lot like drafting a fantasy football team!

The best players, no matter what team they are on, make a good lineup. You can always increase your chances of success by editing that lineup.

Is it’s time to focus? Is it time to be smart about your ‘lineup’ and put the best guys on the forefront? It is!

I also know it’s time for fresh pies, cozy blankets and good books.

Stay balanced,

Renee M Valle

B.A., M.B.A., RYT-200

Certified Business Analyst

Founder, Local Bee

p.s. We're marketing and social media specialists serving small businesses. Our stats are excellent and this season is looking great, for us! :) Email us at to learn how we could benefit your team.

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