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Creating Non-Sales-y Content (That Still Grows Your Business!)

Generating content as a small business owner can feel like a full-time job. Not only that, but you want that effort to be fruitful and not to fall flat when it reaches your audience.

I wanted to share my top 3 tips on how to create sales-y content but content that still grows your business and drives sales through the roof!


Advertising and marketing are two very different activities.

In a large business…

Advertising is a tool that the marketing team can use to solve a problem

Marketing is a tool that the Public Relations team can use to gain and nurture relationships with stakeholders and customers

In your small business, think of social media as part of the marketing branch.

Within our social media efforts, we can use organic or paid advertising to solve certain problems such as:

• "Nobody knows who we are"

• "Spring is our busiest time of year and we need to push sales heavily to profit this financial year."

• "We're launching a new product and people don't know what it is or what it does, yet."

But mostly, social media efforts focus on gaining and nurturing relationships.

So, instead of thinking, “how can I promote my business on social, today?” start thinking, HEow can I gain and nurture relationships, today?”

The 80/20 RULE

You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule.

It's a general rule of thumb that 80% of your content should be about marketing (gaining and nurturing relationships) and 20% should be about advertising (selling and promoting offers).


Below are my top 3 tips for creating content that fits under the marketing category, gaining and nurturing relationships.


This includes your “ask me anything" moments on social media.

But I want to challenge you to use the questions boxes or your email list or YouTube videos as a way to gather problems that you can solve for your audience.

THIS BLOG IS THE RESULT OF THIS. A few weeks ago I asked what my audience’s biggest challenges were when it comes to marketing and "creating content that isn’t sales-y" was one of the answers!

I'm also liable to DM some of the most engaged people on my account, thank them for their support, and ask them what they’d like to see more of. (It’s often NOT discounts and sales, by the way.)

Finally, you can use a quick poll or survey to narrow down content idea options. Ask something like, "of these options, what’s something you’d like to be better at?"


This is gold!

You need to know your audience well to do this well, so don’t skimp on asking them questions and getting to know the people who follow you AND your ideal audience.

Next, think of a way you can frame or explain something interesting or connect with them about the problems they may be facing (maybe the problems that you solve!) in a light-hearted way.


This is your chance to be the light in your industry.

  • Share an inspirational quote.

  • Take a photo of something you’re doing that they could easily do as well that sparked joy in your life.

  • Point them to Jesus!

  • Encourage them to keep going in whatever endeavor they’re facing that you can relate to.

We were meant to bare each other's burdens and social media is a real way that you can get vulnerable and encourage others to FEEL SEEN and SUPPORTED.

Don't be afraid to share your testimony!

Ok, that’s all!

If you’re looking for more resources on learning how to create content that gains and nurtures relationships with your perfect audience, check out the stress-free strategy program where we grow your businesses on a rock-solid foundation with the easeful, effective, and personalized stress-free strategy marketing framework!

We also learn about offer creation and advertising if that sounds like something you’d like to be better at!

Ok, Be Well!

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