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Consulting and Coaching

NO NEED TO worry

Do you have questions like:


  • Am I setting up my website/business correctly?

  • What is a healthy CTR? ROI? KPI?


  • How do I set up Search Engine Optimization (SEO), manage Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns?


  • What's content marketing? What types of subjects should be covered? Which keywords should be included in the copy?


  • What type of Social media posts will drive sales?

I'm here to help.


BE informed


A consultation could earn/save you thousands! 


For small business owners or managers who are creating, planning, and running their own campaigns, a consultation is a valuable resource.


If you’re eager to make perfect decisions and looking for confidence in your efforts, email me. Let’s get coffee or schedule a time to get online.


Helen Tan

Ayurvedic and Yoga Health Coach

After consulting Renee on my coaching website, I have more clarity on how to present myself/ my brand to my audience. She gave me a thoughtful and implementable plan with which I'm confident to move ahead with. Thank you Renee!

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