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Playing it Safe vs. Being Safe

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Some people are eager to see evidence before they make any decision. Is that you? Are you constantly looking for a safe bet?

Waiting for assurance is not bad; but is it confident?

The difference between playing it safe and being safe is confidence.

What are you confident in? Maybe your product or service is definitely in demand, or the quality of your offering is outstanding. Perhaps its your talents that have you resolute.

Here is where talent comes into play.

When you know what warrants true success. Then, you don’t have to have all of the answers.

It’s natural to avoid risk, but that doesn't mean it's good for business. Business takes confidence, courage and resolution.

For the Win

It takes both skill and conviction to win a game.

If the Seahawks entered the field thinking, “our stats are better and our equipment is new, so I think we will win," the 12th man would not roar as loud.

They go into every game with a champion’s attitude. They are convinced that they are the best! They practice what they preach, they support each other and they hold tight to their truth.

As fans, we count on that. They making bold moves and we cheer them on. They are not playing it safe, they’re playing to their strengths.

Count on Russel

So, what warrants true success? For Russel Wilson, it’s training hard. He literally has “no time to sleep,” but he’s alive (and doing well).

The truth is, you cannot participate with half your heart and expect to win. You need to build a foundation of truth, be resolute, and then give thanks for your future success.

With Confidence,

Renee Valle

CEO, Founder

Local Bee

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