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How to Attract Your Dream Customer

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Create and maintain relationships. Understand how they flourish. Be an attractive brand by building trust!

Below are three ways to attract your preferred customer and keep their attention. These are natural and organic ways to increase your in store or online traffic. They create loyalty, aid your brand's perception and most importantly, make you a better person, all around.

  1. Be yourself

First of all, humans are wired to determine quickly whether someone is friendly or a threat. Babies use sight to do this. According the Oxford University Press, “the vision of the newborn is sharpest at about 8 inches away—perfect for gazing at a caregiver’s face while feeding.”

No wonder we are so attracted to faces. It’s fundamental to survive.

How do you attract your dream customer? Become a familiar face to them. As marketers, we do this by literally showing faces (behind the scenes of your company, photos of customers, even stock images of people similar to your target audience) at the right time to the right people. It builds trust and positions your brand as a friend in a sea of threats.

2. Be a friend

Remember, it’s all about relationship.

What makes a good friend? Common ground? Reciprocity? Selflessness? When you engage with someone, whether it's in store or online, let that engagement lead you to a conversation, and let that conversation lead you to a relationship. Listening is attractive and it lets the customer know you're not doing business just for the money.

Being a friend to everyone means getting to know their likes a dislikes. You can ask them face to face, or you can use your data to get to know them. Use insights for direction on your marketing content. Data is helpful when we aim to add value to the end user's lives. Serve them with valuable content, engage with them and build a relationship!

Hint: When you start a conversation, ask them about something you are truly curious about, be really interested and they will return the favor!

3. Be interested

The law of attraction says that all thoughts turn into things. Whatever we focus on becomes our reality.

In marketing, we use this insight attract our preferred customer. We focus on them and find out what their life is like. Do they love to travel? Are they prone to redeeming coupons? Are their kids in college? Do they read magazines?

If you focus on them, you’re bound to attract them. You end up serving them with your products and gaining their trust because it's not about the sale, but the experience. Let all of your interest be on becoming a trustworthy, friendly and authentic brand who listens to their customers and serves them with what they want and need - now that's attractive!

So, to attract your dream customer, let's be less compulsive about imaging and engagement. Let's be conscious, focused and genuine. Let's find common ground, use photos that humanize our brands and add value to your customers lives, like a great friend would.

With Intention,

Renee Valle

CEO, Founder

Local Bee

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